Wire Tinning Machine

Ultra High Speed Full Automatic Multi Wire Cutting, Stripping, Twisting and Tin Dipping HM-18

Technical Specifications:

Power supply: AV220V 50/60HZ

Machine function: Cutting, single-ended stripping twisted wire tin, double-side stripping twisted wire tin

Capacity: 7000-13000 pcs/h (depend on the wire material)

Wire range: AWG18-AWG32

Cutting length: 10MM-600MM (shortest can be 8mm, special length can be customised according to customer requirements)

Cutting accuracy: 0.2 + 0.02*L (length)

Stripping length: 0-7mm (above 7mm customisation required)

Twisting length: 3-7mm

Tinning length: 0.5-7mm

Air pressure: 5-6KG

Machine dimension: 1210*770*1370mm

Machine weight: 230kg


1) Computerised feed, no cushion gasket

2) Operating screen KINCO7 inch full English version

3) Pneumatic components: SMC

4) Temperature control meter: OMRON

5) Servo: Panasonic

6) Wire rod and guideway: Taiwan Silver

7) Digital display air pressure detection: SMC